Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Luedtke Electric


My Lights Are Terrific
Thank you for all your work. My lights are terrific. I can really see well at each task area or set a mood for entertaining. Mike was terrific also.


Leighton and Krista H.

We Appreciate The Prompt Service
Just want to send a special thank you for doing a great job in our basement. We appreciate the prompt service and it's so very nice to just be able to flip a switch now.

Thank you so much,

Jean and Larry D

Could Not Have Done It Without You
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Our bathroom is wonderful and we could not have done it without you!!

Judy & Rip C

Best In All Of Sheboygan County
During the holidays, I heard some extra good news concerning "Luedtke Electric" and I thought I should pass it onto you.

A family member lost her husband this past November. She decided her home and yard were too large for her and decided to look for a condo. She went to the condo she had decided on one day and there was an electric inspector. He had just finished checking it out and he told Jean everything was just fine and in A-one condition. Jean then took a paper from her purse and handed it to the inspector. It was a receipt the owner of the condo had given her, showing that he had had an electric company in to make any repairs if needed. The inspector took the paper, looked at it and said, "Oh Luedtke electric did the electric. I just have to tell you that the Luedtkes' are the best in all of Sheboygan County. They are truly on the top of the list. No other company can compare with them!" Then he saw Paul's name at the bottom and he had good words for him too.

I just had to write and share with you that he said, "Luedtkes are the very best and No. 1 in the county." My congratulations to you.
Best wishes to you and your family for continued good health, happiness, and God's blessing. Also continued success in your work.

Eunice L.

Would Not Hesitate To Recommend You
I am taking this opportunity to recognize the two individuals with whom we worked on this home improvement project.

Todd provided useful and interesting product information on my initial call to Leudtke Electric in November 2008. In March of this year, when we took him up on the opportunity to see the products we were considering, he was generous with time and information that we needed to help us decide how we would proceed with our project.

Glenn did the actual project work; he had to work with a rookie (me) up in the attic of our house. When we ran into a snag with the first fan, he was very thorough in getting the problem resolved and the parts installed and working correctly.

My preparations before the project day, working together with Glenn on the installation, and avoiding cleanup costs, all combined to make the project affordable for us.

My thanks to both men for their professionalism, courtesy, and efforts. We will certainly look to you for assistance with our next project, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.


Joseph T.

Extra Lights Did Wonders

Your Workman Mike is a pleasure to have in the house. Other than some dust that needed to be cleaned up, very little mess he left behind. The extra lights did wonders!

Ester W.

We Are So Pleased
We are so pleased with the work Mike did. The lights look great! What a difference lighting will do for a room. Mike was so particular, you are fortunate to have a dedicated person employed by you. Thanks again! I'm sure we will use you again for future projects.

Jack & Barb G.

Thank You For Assisting Us
Thank you for assisting us with building our new house. We enjoyed working with Bill throughout the building process.


Ray and Sonja B.

Very Well Done
Great job! Very well done! We enjoy the new look.

Thank you

James B.

Enjoying The Fruits Of Your Labor
We would like to thank you and your employees for all their hardwork on our new home. We are officially moved in and enjoying every square foot of it (especially the exterior lights & built in sound system). This would never have happened without each of our subcontractors' special & services. Although we are no electricians, we (Mandy) can bake. We are enjoying the fruits of your labor, we hope you enjoy the fruits of ours.

Thanks again,

Jake & Mandy W.

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