Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Luedtke Electric


Why does the light in my bedroom ceiling fixture burn out so quickly?

Many times the fixture is subject to unnoticed vibrations. Regular light bulbs can not withstand rough conditions. Often times in a two story house, a child's bedroom or game room may be located above a first floor room fixture. The activities of the second floor room can cause vibration in the fixture resulting in the bulb to prematurely fail.

Why do my lights suddenly dim or get brighter?

Ever notice your water pressure change at the kitchen sink if someone flushes the toilet? There are fluctuations in electricity just as there are in water pressure and gas pressure delivered to your home. The fluctuation is caused by the change in the demand for power. Just as the demand for water was greater for a short period of time while the toilet was filling. None of the fluctuations can be avoided and they usually go unnoticed.

My outside receptacles stopped working. What happened?

GFCI OutletMost, if not all, homes have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI installed on outdoor receptacles. The test/reset button is located on one of the receptacles in the affected circuit. The most common location is one of the receptacles in the garage. One more possibility is that a switch that controls the affected circuit has been turned off inadvertently by someone.

Why do my dimmers get warm?

When you dim your lights using a dimmer, the dimmer absorbs some of the electricity and turns it into heat. The closer the light wattage is to the maximum rating of the dimmer, the warmer the dimmer may become. Most commercial dimmers will have fins or heat sinks to help dissipate the heat. But in residential style dimmers the loads are not as great and the fins are not required.

Does the phone company need to enter our home and charge us to hook up our phone service?

In new construction when Luedtke Electric has installed the phone wire, there is no need for the phone company to enter your home. Luedtke Electric's practice is to terminate all phone lines at one location and run a wire to the location on the outside of the house where the phone company will install their interface box. There may be a nominal service fee for the final connection. In many cases the fee is waived.


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