Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Offering more than a blueprint electrical plan, ON-SITE Design service provides a detailed and customized electrical layout using over 20 years of residential wiring experience through one-on-one consultation with the home owner. Two-dimensional blueprint electrical plans often lack proper placement of lighting and devices.

Once the home is built, proper placement of lights, devices and specialized lighting become more apparent, and your ON-SITE Design

consultation will assure that your new home is wired to fit your personal taste and lifestyle.There are a number of items to consider before your ON-SITE consultation. Knowing some of the basic elements will allow a more thorough and timely walk-through and assure you get the most out of your meeting.The following information will help you with your final ON-SITE Design visit.

Prior to your ON-SITE visit:

  • Furniture Layout:

    • Having even a rough idea of the layout of furniture you plan to have in your new home is an important factor for proper placement of lighting, receptacles and communication jacks. For example, knowing the size and location of a dinning room table will ensure that the chandelier above will be placed properly. Knowing the location of furniture in a great room will determine where recessed lighting and devices such as floor receptacles should be located. In bedrooms, the location of the bed will determine the best location for telephone, TV and possible computer network jacks. While exact dimensions of furniture is not necessary, prior planning of your furniture layout is a crucial element in designing the electrical plan.
  • Electronic, Appliances and Special Equipment locations:

    • Electronics, appliances and other electronic equipment, such as tools in a workshop, may not be specifically designated on blueprints or cabinet plans. Knowing where these items will be located as well as their electrical requirements is another item to be addressed. A refrigerator or freezer in a garage, for example, requires a dedicated receptacle. Knowing this before your walk-through will make sure this receptacle is installed and in the correct location.
  • Preparing for the Future:

    • Future electrical needs such as landscape lighting, office/bedroom addition and holiday lighting are future needs that can be planned for during the construction of your new home.

Your ON-SITE Visit:

  • How long does it take?

    • The actual time of your ON-SITE consultation varies with the size of the project. Typically a 2000 sq ft home takes 3-4 hours. Allow plenty of time for a more thorough and enjoyable meeting. Because the visit is at the construction site, personal amenities are very limited. Arriving rested and refreshed is very important to the success of the visit.
  • Cold Weather Tips:

    • Because the ON-SITE visit is during the early part of construction, the walls will not be insulated and often the doors and windows will not be installed. Proper winter weather clothing is very important. Hands and feet are the most vulnerable due to the cold floors and very limited heat. Wear more than you think you will need. You can always take something off.
  • ON-SITE Design service is essential for those who demand all the features and benefits a detailed electrical plan can add to your home.

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